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Ordinary session of members of Centre Regional Development Council (RDC)

19.10.2018   437 Views  

Today, 18 October, members of Centre Regional Development Council (RDC) met in an ordinary session organised at Ialoveni Rayon Council.

Viorel Jardan, director of Centre RDA thanked the representatives from the region for their participation and involvement in the activities carried out by the Agency.  Also, at the meeting, the director presented the report on the implementation of the Centre Regional Development Strategy for 2016-2020 and regional development project implementation during January-October 2018. 'The Agency will continue to coordinate the involvement of all parties in the implementation of strategy at regional level, so, that all efforts are made to carry out the planned activities', mentioned Viorel Jardan.

During the meeting information was presented on the activity over the period of April-September 2018 of the Regional Sector Commission (RSC) in the field of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and of the RSC in the field of Solid Waste Management (SWM) of the Centre RDC. Liuba Stavinschi, member of RSC/WSS and Ion Plamadeala, co-chair of RSC/SWM mentioned that only the perspective of regionalisation could ensure provision of quality services to citizens. Also, the co-chairs expressed the belief that participatory approach in decision making with an impact for the region will contribute to strengthening of inter-municipal cooperation in the two sectors. In this context, the MARDE representative, Igor Malai urged the RSC members to come up with proposals at the next meetings of Centre RDC for the improvement of situation in the WSS and SWM sectors. The appropriate proposal might be analysed, including at national level and be further a part of concerned sector programmes. 

The RSC meeting continued with the presentation of the draft public policies on Urban Development in Moldova made by Igor Malai, Head of MARDE Regional Development Policies Division. The general objective of the public policy mentioned is to establish a network of towns on the territory of the Republic of Moldova attractive for inhabitants, entrepreneurs and visitors which will generate growth, employment of workforce and stimulate development of adjacent areas. In this respect, three options were listed: 1) maintaining the existing situation; 2) identification and supporting a network of towns - growth poles; 3) supporting all 26 towns with a population over 10.000 inhabitants.  

Veaceslav Bulat, the representative of the Institute for Urban Development spoke about the participation of civil society in project implementation process. He specified that securing and increasing the degree of transparency and involving public opinion in the implementation of local development projects could contribute to solving environment, health and living related problems and to promoting provision of quality public services in the water, sewage, energy efficiency and waste management fields.

All draft decisions included in the agenda of the Centre RDC meeting were approved by a majority of votes of members present.


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