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About the Project phase II


General Objective of the project:

Improve the framework conditions for a citizen-oriented implementation of regional development policy in priority sectors of local public service provision through 4 Intervention Areas.

Intervention Area I: Policy and strategy advice for improving framework conditions for implementation of regional development policy supports partners in the participatory development of a coherent regional development strategy, in the alignment of the legal framework with EU standards as well as in the harmonization of existing internal and external funds.

Intervention Area II: Improvement of coordination and monitoring of Regional Development Strategies supports Regional Development Councils as well sector working groups in performing their core functions in integrative regional planning. Improved result based monitoring procedures are introduced.

Intervention Area III: Improvement of development and implementation of Regional Development Strategies aims at improving the planning and implementation capacities of the three Regional Development Agencies in the fields of:

  • Participatory strategy development;
  • Integrated planning;
  • Project development and implementation.

Intervention Area IV: Institutionalisation of training and capacity development measures seeks to up-scale ‘best practices’ of the previously developed training modules for increased capacities in local public service provision in the priority sectors.

Final Beneficiaries:

 The population of selected localities in four development regions North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia.

Institutional partners:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment;
  • Regional Development Councils (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);
  • Regional Development Agencies (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);

Other partners:

  • State Chancellery;
  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure;
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Research;
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection;
  • LPAs level 1 (city halls) and LPAs level 2 (rayon administrations);
  • Energy Efficiency Agency;
  • Academy of Public Administration;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Moldovan Water Supply Association;
  • NGO sector.

Implementation period of the second phase of the project:

January 2016 - December 2020.

Budget of the project:

  • The total budget of MLPS project for the 2nd phase is EUR 14 616 762 for the period 2016-2018.

Co-financing partners of MLPS phase 2 are:

  1. Government of Germany (EUR 3 700 000)
  2. Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs acting through Swiss Cooperation Office in the Republic of Moldova  (EUR 3 190 372)
  3. European Commission (EUR 321 107)
  4. Government of Romania (EUR 205 283)
  5. Government of Sweden (35 000 000 SEK)
  6. Delegation of the European Union (EUR 3 500 000 )
  •  Budget of German Investment Support - EUR 2,2 million (Government of Germany).

MLPS Phase II: Project Operational Plan (2019-2020)