On 25 October at South RDA several meetings were organised of the working groups on procurement of works, goods and services under regional development projects implemented in South Development Region.

At the second meeting, the working group on procurement carried out the procedure of opening of bids submitted under the public procurement tender for construction of works for water pipelines within the ‘Construction of internal water networks connected to main water pipeline in Lebedenco commune, Cahul rayon (phase I)’ project. 

Further, the value of the bids was made known, as well as alternative bid proposals, their values and main characteristics, the existence of guarantee of participation requested and other details the tender commission considered important and necessary.  

After the bid opening and announcement of bidders, the tender commission submitted to members of tender commission bidders’ representatives for signing the minutes with all data regarding every participant registered in them.  

In the following days, the tender commission will check whether and how every bid meets the requirements provided for in the tender documentation and will, further examine, clarify and evaluate in detail the bids.

At the second meeting, the working group examined the current situation under the investment measure ‘Connection of individual households to the centralised sewage system in Rosu village’ within the project ‘Improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Cahul rayon’.

This investment measure is financed by the Romanian Government via the German Development Cooperation through GIZ. The amount of financial support provided by the Romanian part is EUR 190.000 and the contribution of citizens from the concerned village is around MDL 500.000.

442 households, 135 apartments of three apartment blocks from Rosu village, Cahul rayon will benefit from the investment.