During the meeting held between the State Chancellery team, the e-Government Centre and representatives of the USAID BRITE Program, Government Deputy Secretary-General Mr Sergiu Ceauș stressed the importance of improving the existing legal framework, as well as the mechanisms meant to enhance transparency in the work of LPAs.

After analysing the current situation with regard to making information on acts issued/adopted by local public authorities available to the public, it was found that most such acts are not made known to the community through accessible media, particularly the electronic media. Similarly, transparency in the work of State Chancellery territorial offices remains an important issue.

In order to ensure uniform requirements for local public authorities and State Chancellery territorial offices, while also ensuring that all administrative documents are recorded in an electronic Register, the following three regulations were developed to govern the mechanism of registration, publication, storage, recording and visualization of local authorities’ acts:


  1. ‘Regulations on the Normative Acts State Register of local public administration authorities (Local Acts Register)’;
  2. ‘Regulations on the internal Register of acts issued by the local public administration authority’;
  3. ‘Regulations on the Register of acts subject to judicial review by State Chancellery territorial offices’.


Taking into account that the electronic Register of local acts is divided into three sections, the above Regulations establish the specific procedure of their operation and use for LPAs, but also for central public authorities, government representatives in the territory and all interested persons.

The centralized information system’s implementation will enable real time decision-making transparency in the work of local public authorities and State Chancellery territorial offices.

Given the current difficulties in the State Chancellery’s monitoring of acts, the situation can be considerably improved by implementing the electronic Register, which will allow continuous oversight of documents submitted for control.

These topics were thoroughly analysed by the State Chancellery team, the State Senior Adviser to the Prime-Minister for LPA sector, Mr Iurie Chiorescu, and the development partners willing to support the Government’s efforts and to put in practice the newly developed concept.

Thus, the State Chancellery’s agenda for the immediate future will involve the promotion of a draft law on amending and supplementing certain legislative acts, as well as the draft Government Decision on the State Register of LPA Legal Acts placed on the official website www.descentralizare.gov.md.