Yesterday, the conference for the launch of “Sustainability Principle in the Integrated Regional Development in Urban Cross-border Settlements Project”, financed by the European Union through the Cross-Border Cooperation Romania – Ukraine – Moldova, was held at the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.

The event was attended by specialists in architecture and town planning of the MRDC, representatives of LPA I in the country, coordinators of the project in Moldova (Center for Support to Public Authorities – CSPA) and their counterparts in Ukraine (Bucovina Center for Development and Reconstruction).

 The participants at the meeting discussed about improving the quality of life of residents in the cross-border areas as an overall objective of the project. 

Stela Jemna, the executive director of CSPA mentioned that as result of project implementation, the 30 beneficiary LPA I (12 from Moldova) would obtain three studies of integrated  territorial development, a Handbook with recommendations on how they should be developed and an Atlas of urban development poles in the cross-border area (Romania, Ukraine, Moldova).

The participants at the conference welcome the initiative of the associative sector and said it was the first step towards sustainable urban development. “We are open and we support these activities. The initiative is extremely important, and we will provide our support for the proper implementation of the project”, said Elena Bejenaru, Director, General Department for Architecture and Construction of the Ministry.

At the same time, the representatives of the Local Public Administrations expressed their availability for participation in the project:” We emphasize everything that is new for developing the town, and the experience of European countries, like Romania, is welcome for a European regional development” the mayor of Cahul, Petru Burlacu, said.  In turn, Elena Bodnarenco, mayor of Soroca, said the development of the town based on clear rules was important for having a continuity after a new mayor comes.

The “Sustainability Principle in the Integrated Regional Development in Urban Cross-border Settlements Project” started in November 2013 and will be implemented in 12 months.