Producers of table grapes, vegetables and fruits from the southern region of Moldova, experience extreme difficulties in selling fresh production because of big number of farms (village households) with an area of up to 10.0 h processed individually with a small production, processing and realization capacity. Another problem is the lack of infrastructure for agricultural production processing, difficulty in compliance with increasingly stringent quality requirements on foreign and domestic markets and many more.

To this end, Cimislia rayon administration, at the final conference of the project ‘Capacity development of public administrations in the Republic of Moldova, South region’ came up with the project idea ‘Producer groups and sub-regional packing house’ that would solve the problem of farmers.

The Construction of packing house aims to increase revenues and competitiveness of producers of table grapes, fruits and vegetables from South Development Region.

The project’s purposes, presented by Natalia Raileanu and Maria Cereseu, are:

  • Increasing agricultural production competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets;
  • Facilitate the creation of a group of agricultural producers by creating a packing house, pilot model for SDR, equipped with infrastructure for processing and storage of production and helping in the development of infrastructure for processing and storage of agricultural production.

Beneficiaries of the project are: the group of agricultural producers and their associations, LLC Gospodarii Taranesti, final consumers of production and packing house employees.

Regional impact of the project is the development of infrastructure for collection, processing, storage and marketing of production. Likewise, it aims to diversify the economy, supporting the private sector and developing cooperation capacity of producers at regional level, and promotion of products on foreign markets.

The expected outcome of the project is:

  • formed producer group;
  • created infrastructure for processing agricultural production;
  • number of services provided by PH;
  • improved business environment;
  • penetration of foreign markets;
  • increased revenues on production and PH employees.

The packing house will operate under a contract between LPA level I, level II APL and producer group who will manage the packing house. PH will provide services to farms under a tariff approved by them.

Currently, for the project implementation the following actions are undertaken:

  • The project concept note is prepared;
  • The process for identification of a company for feasibility study is ongoing;
  • The process for identification of public land where the PH will be constructed is ongoing;
  • The process for identification of producer group interested in concluding a Public Private Partnership (PPP) is ongoing.   

Soon, in the Republic of Moldova, will be inaugurated the first packing house of fruit and grapes, located in Ialoveni rayon, Costesti village. By the end of October it is to be held the final acceptance of works, in order for producers of grapes to be able to store the fruits in conditions of maximum security.