Recently, in Cahul, was held a workshop, organized within the study visit to objects from Cahul town and the county and city of Iasi, Romania. The workshop was held in the meeting room of Cahul Rayon Council, organized by Moldova Apa-Canal Association, in collaboration with GIZ Moldova. The event was held during 27 – 29 October 2015.

The workshop was attended by about 54 people, including representatives of South Regional Development Agency, Moldova Apa Canal Association, German Development Cooperation through GIZ, Ministry of Environment, Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova and directors of water supply operators from Moldova etc.

Workshop participants were introduced to the practical aspects of reorganization of ME ‘Apa-Canal’ Cahul to regional operator and had a study visit to the objects of water supply and sanitation in Cahul rayon and town.

During the workshop were presented practical aspects of reorganization of the operator ME ‘Apa-Canal’ Cahul to regional operator (Modernization of Local Public Services Project – WSS Cahul).

GIZ Advisor, Sergiu Plesca, presented the regionalization concept in the context of Moldovan legislation.

Subsequently, according to the agenda, the delegation had a visit to ME ‘Apa – Canal’ Cahul, in order to be informed on physical investment in enterprise infrastructure (computers, furniture, fire truck, repairing of  administrative block), which were financed by the German Government via the German Development Cooperation through GIZ and implemented by South Regional Development Agency. The participants also visited the water treatment station from Cahul town in order to be familiarized with the process of treating water abstracted from Prut r. from Cahul town.

In the end, the Moldovan delegation had a visit to Romania, in order to participate in the study visit to Apa Vitala Iasi operator. According to the action plan, the managers of enterprises providing water and sanitation services are to take over the European experience in the field.