• Improved energy efficiency of “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum, Soldanesti


  • Around 560 pupils;
  • Around 70 employees teachers and technical support personnel.


  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment;
  • Centre Regional Development Agency (Contracting Authority);
  • Soldanesti Rayon Council;
  • “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum. 

Expected results

  • 70 employees and 560 pupils of “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum benefit from better working and learning conditions;
  • Annual normative consumption of energy in “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum reduced by 970 MWh and annual normative CO2 emissions decreased by 200 tons;
  • Renovated and energy efficient building of “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum through 14 investment measures;
  • Teachers, pupils and parents of “Alexei Mateevici” Theoretical Lyceum and representatives of Soldanesti Rayon Council promote energy efficiency actions;
  • Local strategic planning documents in the field of energy efficiency of public buildings in Soldanesti rayon are harmonised with national strategic objectives;
  • Strengthened capacities of Soldanesti Local Public Authorities and representatives of “Alexei Mateevici” Lyceum in energy efficiency.


  • European Union Contribution
  1. For design phase: 55 384 EUR
  2. For construction works: 2 102 000 EUR
  • Local Contribution:

b. For construction works: 67 000 EUR