Water supply in Riscani rayon – Centralized services, quality water

From March to December 2015, Rascani rayon residents are being informed about the benefits of water supply and sanitation public service, but also on the responsibility of citizens to pay bills on time for this common good. The campaign entitled ‚Centralized services, quality water’ is performed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, North Regional Development Agency, in partnership with Rascani Rayon Council and Ministry of Environment, with financial support from the German government. The support is provided through the project ‚Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova’, managed by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

Thus, the campaign’s slogan is accompanying 2000 brochures and 1000 posters-calendars, which are being distributed to citizens in the 28 public meetings planned. Promotional materials emphasize the benefits of a modern water supply and sanitation system, both for health and economic aspect, as well as for the quality of life.

Consultants of Business Women Association from Rural area of Rascani rayon, a non-governmental organization selected by contest to manage the communication campaign, hold 28 public meetings with citizens from 28 target localities in Rascani rayon, where are discussed issues related to the importance of the centralized water supply system and wastewater treatment need, formation of tariffs for services, water sources, etc. In 18 educational institutions of the rayon are organized events with the theme ‚Water and sanitation week’, during which will take place thematic educational lessons, drawing contests, literary contests, humoristic contests. The campaign will culminate in a ceremony awarding active participants in the campaign. They will be given diplomas and symbolic promotional accessories.

The campaign takes place within the pilot project ‘Improving water supply and sanitation services in Rascani rayon’ implemented by North RDA, supported by GIZ.   

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