About the Project

General Objective of the project:

The project’s objective is to ensure improved conditions for a citizen-oriented implementation of regional development policy in priority sectors of local public service provision. 

In order to operationalize this approach, the project’s technical assistance systematically supports various stakeholders and levels of action of the regional development architecture, under 5 inter-linked Outputs:

Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development (former MARDE) puts in place a coherent framework for the effective implementation of national regional development policy in priority sectors – supports partners in the participatory development of a coherent regional development strategy, in the alignment of the legal framework with EU standards as well as in the harmonization of existing (inter)national funds.

The capacities of Regional Development Councils (RDCs) and partner Local Public Administrations (LPAs) to plan, coordinate and implement are improved – supports regional development councils as well as sector working groups in performing their core functions in integrative regional planning.

Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) are capacitated to implement the public service projects developed within the regional sector programmes – aims at improving the planning and implementation capacities of all four regional development agencies in the fields of participatory strategy development, integrated planning and project development.

Representatives of rayons, municipalities and local service providers benefit from demand-oriented training modules for the modernisation of local public services – seeks to up-scale ‘best practices’ of the developed training modules for increased capacities in local public service provision in the priority sectors.

Civil society participates in public projects’ implementation – is aiming to pro-actively encourage citizens, men and women equally, to contribute in a meaningful way in participatory planning of public infrastructure by Local Public Administrations, to monitor procurement, management and maintenance processes of public infrastructure and to inform the citizens about investments in the local public services.

Final Beneficiaries:

The population of selected localities in four development regions North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia.

Institutional partners:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment;
  • Regional Development Councils (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);
  • Regional Development Agencies (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);

Other partners:

  • State Chancellery;
  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure;
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Research;
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection;
  • LPAs level 1 (city halls) and LPAs level 2 (rayon administrations);
  • Energy Efficiency Agency;
  • Academy of Public Administration;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Moldovan Water Supply Association;
  • NGO sector.

The project has two implementation phases:

  1. March 2010 – December 2015;
  2. January 2016 – March 2024.

The total budget of the project * – for both phases – is 98.1 MEUR, of which:


30,9 MEUR

European Union

53,2 MEUR


9,4 MEUR


3,9 MEUR


0,7 MEUR

The overview of the budget shows funds (rounded figures) implemented during MLPS 1st & 2nd phase including funds for infrastructure from the German Fund for Regional Development as well as the EU funded Actions “Citizens’ Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova” and “Construction of Water Supply and Sanitation infrastructure as well as Energy Efficiency in Public buildings”

MLPS Phase II: Project Operational Plan (2022-2023)