About the Project

General Objective of the project:

The objective of this Project is to improve the framework conditions for a citizen-oriented implementation of regional development policy in priority sectors of local public service provision.

Intervention Area I: Policy and strategy advice for improving framework conditions for implementation of regional development policy supports partners in the participatory development of a coherent regional development strategy, in the alignment of the legal framework with EU standards as well as in the harmonization of existing internal and external funds.

Intervention Area II: Improvement of coordination and monitoring of Regional Development Strategies supports Regional Development Councils as well sector working groups in performing their core functions in integrative regional planning. Improved result-based monitoring procedures are introduced.

Intervention Area III: Improvement of development and implementation of Regional Development Strategies aims at improving the planning and implementation capacities of the three Regional Development Agencies in the fields of:

  • Participatory strategy development;
  • Integrated planning;
  • Project development and implementation.

Intervention Area IV: Institutionalisation of training and capacity development measures seeks to up-scale ‘best practices’ of the previously developed training modules for increased capacities in local public service provision in the priority sectors.

Final Beneficiaries:

The population of selected localities in four development regions North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia.

Institutional partners:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment;
  • Regional Development Councils (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);
  • Regional Development Agencies (North, Centre, South and ATU Gagauzia);

Other partners:

  • State Chancellery;
  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure;
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Research;
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection;
  • LPAs level 1 (city halls) and LPAs level 2 (rayon administrations);
  • Energy Efficiency Agency;
  • Academy of Public Administration;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Moldovan Water Supply Association;
  • NGO sector.

Implementation period of the second phase of the project:

January 2016 – December 2021.

Budget of the project:

  • The total budget of MLPS project for the 2nd phase is EUR 62,501,774,96

Co-financing partners of MLPS phase 2 are:

  • BMZ / German contribution: EUR 6,351,889.86
  • Swedish Government: EUR 3,700,000 (completed in 2018)
  • Romanian Government: EUR 179,636.86 (completed in 2018)
  • Confederation of Switzerland: EUR 3,698,149.66
  • EU contributions: EUR 48,371,198.53 (4 agreements)
    • EUR 171,198.53 for regional planning and project pipelines (completed in 2017)
    • EUR 3,500,000 for preparation of technical design and tender documentation for construction works in WSS and EE sectors
    • EUR 39.800.000,00 for Construction of Water Supply and Sanitation infrastructure as well as Energy efficiency in public buildings
    • EUR 4.900.000,00 for Citizens’ Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova

MLPS Phase II: Project Operational Plan (2020-2021)