The Financing Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union on Support Programme to Public Finance Policy Reforms in our country was approved at today’s meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The programme will contribute to sustainable economic growth, maintaining fiscal and macroeconomic stability, and poverty reduction. Its total budget is EUR 37.1 million, of which 33 million for budget support and another 4.1 million for technical assistance in programme’s implementation.

The document will support the Government, the Parliament and the Court of Accounts in the process of strengthening good governance, effective fiscal policy and will lead to improvement in public finance management systems.

The programme provides grant allocation to support the budget in four instalments for fiscal years 2014-2018. The first tranche will be disbursed for the current year. The signing of the Agreement does not involve financial commitments from the Government in Chisinau.

Support Programme to Public Finance Policy Reforms of the Republic of Moldova was signed on 27 October 2014.