Within a package of assistance from the German Government, the North, Centre and ATU Gagauzia development regions continue to increase the capacity of institutions in the regions to plan, adapt to reality and coordinate actions in case of crisis and emergency situations on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. 

Thus, the North Regional Development Agency (RDA) procured 12 electric generators, 12 fire-fighting sets and 360 sets of bed linen for the municipality of Balti and the 11 rayon councils of the North Development Region. Members of the North Regional Development Council (RDC) region and employees of North RDA were trained how to communicate and what measures to take in emergency/exceptional situations. 

To gain more knowledge and exchange experience with peers from other countries on coping with emergency crisis, North RDA, together with representatives of North RDC and civil society carried out on 17-20 October 2022 a study visit to Brasov, Romania 

Gagauzia RDA also participated in a study visit in October, this time in Turkiye. Representatives of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of ATU Gagauzia, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Local Public Administrations, and employees of the Gagauzia RDA learned the best practices from Turkish peers and gained practical skills in organising response to emergency calls. 

Also, the Gagauzia RDA, together with the Commission for Exceptional Situations of ATU Gagauzia finalised the programme of trainings on the procedure for organising Civil Protection at the regional and local levels. 

Centre RDA developed a Communication Guide for crisis situations intended for public authorities and completed a series of courses on first aid and disaster preparedness and management of high-risk situations. Also, they procured the necessary technical equipment for five placement centres in the Centre development region. 

Latest, another project in support to local communities was initiated by the civil society organisation from Cahul, AO AZI. The initiative implemented will contribute to the strengthening of the CSOs’ capacities in the South region to provide immediate and medium-term information and psycho-social support for children, girls / women refugees from Ukraine and hosted in Cahul and Cantemir districts.  

The support to the development regions is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the GIZ project ‘Modernisation of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova’ (MLPS).