Members of the Local Steering Committee (LSC) of the project ‘Improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Falesti town’ met on Tuesday, 30 October 2018 in a third meeting organised at the townhall of Falesti municipality. At the meeting, the project monitoring report was presented for July-September period of this year and the activities from the implementation plan for October-December.

The LSC members, also, discussed ways of collecting the contribution for connection/re-connection to rehabilitated water supply networks as a result of project implementation and set up actions to be taken in this respect. 

The goal of this LSC is to provide solutions for problems which might appear during project implementation, as well as assigning more ownership to parties involved at local level.

We remind that on Friday, 26 October, in Balti the design service contract for the development of construction documentation for improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Falesti town project was signed.

As a result of project implementation, the water supply networks in Falesti town will be extended by 2.4 km and 2.6 km of water pipelines will be constructed. Over 15.000 inhabitants of Falesti town will be connected to the water supply system. The estimated value of the project is EUR 1.27 million with the contribution of beneficiaries of EUR 160.000.

The project ‘Improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Falesti town’ is financed by the European Union in cooperation with the ‘Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova’ project implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment and North RDA and financially supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ),  the Swedish Government, the Romanian Government and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).