A group of civil servants of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction made in the period from 27 June to 1 July 2016 a study visit to Poland.

The purpose of the visit was to study the Polish legislation of regional development and cross-border cooperation and the experience gained within Poland-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

Thus, the representatives of the delegation participated in the workshops focused on writing and implementing cross-border projects, they studied Poland – Slovakia Interreg V-A Cross-Border Cooperation Program and held talks with representatives of the Regional Development Agency of the region of Malopolska, the Department of Rural Development of Marshal’s Office and the Civic Centre.

During the visit, the Moldovan delegation visited the cross-border projects established by the Nowy Sacz Rayon Museum, Poland, in collaboration with the Castle and Museum from Stara Lubovna in Slovakia and discussed issues of the cross-border projects with representatives of local authorities of these areas.

The study visit was also attended by representatives of the Regional Development Agencies, and representatives of the “Danube Connects” (“Dunărea Uniște”) project, implemented with the support of the Austrian Development Agency.

The study visit was organized in partnership with the Foundation “Dobra Wola” in Poland with the financial support of the Programme “Polish Development Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland” and the Programme “Study Tours to Poland” of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.