What the local authorities want to make with the money offered by the National Regional Development Fund

They want aqueducts and sewerage systems, energy efficiency, roads … This is shown by the concept notes submitted by the local public authorities from Ungheni, Nisporeni, Calarasi Rayons at the tender for project proposals from the National Regional Development Fund for 2017-2020.

Every fourth concept note for the second phase of this tender is from the three Rayons, namely the Centre Development Region has overall 13 Rayons. I.e. there are 22 of the 80 approved concept notes.

Leader is Nisporeni Rayon
With 10 concept notes approved, Nisporeni, tied with Straseni, ranks the IInd among all Rayons in the Centre Region, being surpassed only by Hincesti, with 11 concept notes.

Nisporeni Rayon authorities want to improve solid waste management both locally and in the neighbouring Rayons – Straseni and Calarasi. They want to improve energy efficiency at the Rayon Hospital, and rehabilitate the road Bolduresti-Bratuleni-Morenii Noi-Valea Mare, and an industrial park with an integrated business point, and rehabilitate the road to Varzaresti, where the oldest monastery in Moldova is located, towards the international road. They have not forgotten water and sewerage: they want an aqueduct that would provide with drinking water 13 localities in Nisporeni and Ungheni Rayons. In addition, they also want to improve the mass tourism infrastructure in the Centre Region.

A concept note submitted by Grozesti Mayor’s Office on wastewater disposal and wastewater treatment and another note filed by Zberoaia Mayor’s Office on rehabilitation of the boyar court Stefan Gonata, were approved as well. Nisporeni town has also come up with a concept note, convincing the Regional Development Council (RDC) to pass it in the second phase. It is planning a recreational area.

Ungheni is among the leaders
The RDC has also approved eight concept notes received from Ungheni authorities so that Ungheni Rayon ranks fifth among the 13 Rayons.

Exactly half of the concept notes refer to aqueducts and sewerage. These are: “Reconstruction and modernization of the regional water supply for 40 thousand residents of 31 localities of Ungheni Rayon”; “Improvement of the quality of life of over 10,000 residents of eight villages of Ungheni Rayon through access to drinking water”; “Provision with drinking water of 12,234 residents of 8 villages of Ungheni Rayons”; “Integrated management of water supply and sewerage system in Ungheni Rayon”.

If the projects to be presented are accepted, Ungheni will be studded with aqueducts, thus solving almost completely the problem of provision with drinking water.

The other concept notes concern: energy efficiency of Ungheni Rayon Hospital, creation of a solid waste management system in 74 localities of the Rayon; rehabilitation of the road Ungheni-Cetireni-Alexeevca; establishing a multifunctional (socio-cultural, shopping and business) centre “Prutul de mijloc” (“Middle Prut”).

Calarasi, with four accepted concept notes ranks almost at the end of the Rayons with Telenesti and Soldanesti, but ahead of Anenii Noi, Criuleni and Dubasari. Given the titles of the concept notes, the Rayon Council wants to use the tourism potential of Calarasi-Straseni-Nisporeni-Ungheni Rayons, and energy efficiency of some educational institutions. Calarasi mayor’s office wants to improve and expand the water and sewerage services in the urban area and in the villages of Novaci, Niscani and Paulesti. The fourth note refers to reconstruction of the road of access to Temeleuti with inter-Rayon and inter-community connection Milesti-Balanesti-Nisporeni.

We note that, overall 147 concept notes were submitted, 80 of which were approved. However this does not mean that all 80 will be funded. Complete applications for funding are to be prepared and submitted, after which it will be decided what projects will be funded over the next four years.

The Centre Development Region includes 13 Rayons: Anenii Noi, Calarasi, Criuleni, Dubasari, Hincesti, Ialoveni, Nisporeni, Orhei, Rezina, Straseni, Soldanesti, Telenesti and Ungheni – with a population of 1 million 60 thousand residents (latest data as of 2013). The total area of the Centre Development Region is 10,636 sq. km.

BY THE WAY. Project descriptions and accompanying documents shall be submitted by 22 August. So there are three months in which everything shall be done, including very clear argumentation of each project with the logical matrix and all the necessary documents shall be prepared. It is a very complicated process and many work to do. We will follow what the authorities from the three Rayons managed to do.

Lucia Bacalu