• Falesti inhabitants have access to improved water services.


  • 16,450 inhabitants of Falesti town. 


  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment;
  • North Regional Development Agency (Contracting Authority);
  • Falesti Rayon Council;
  • Falesti Mayoralty.

Expected results

  • About 16,000 inhabitants connected to improved water supply system;
  • Rehabilitated and extended 18.4 km of water supply network;
  • Construction of 2,6 km of water transmission main and extension of water supply network with 2,4 km;
  • Falesti water and sanitation services provider capacitated to efficiently manage improved services based on developed business plan;
  • Two rayon and local strategic documents in water supply and sanitation harmonized with national strategic objectives.


  • European Union Contribution
  1. For design phase: 55 054 EUR
  2. For construction works: 1 580 000 EUR
  • Local Contribution: 170 000 EUR